A ‘Win – Win’ Partnership

Case study – bespoke disbursement system

Artesium has the capability and experience to perform a recovery audit of bespoke disbursement systems.

A client in the financial services industry engaged Artesium to perform a recovery audit of its accounts payable system. Having completed this project, Artesium was requested to perform a recovery audit of high volume payments made through a bespoke disbursements system.  This required Artesium to:

  • analyse the available information
  • specify the data extract requirements
  • process the data
  • formulate and write bespoke queries
  • devise recovery audit processes
  • perform a recovery audit of the data.

This service was delivered with a minimal use of the client’s resources and the result was a net benefit to the client’s bottom line.

Case study – migration of Accounts Payable function to Shared Service Centre

Artesium has the technical and communication skills to work with the Finance functions of remote locations at the time of migration of Accounts Payable to a Shared Service Centre.

An existing Shared Service Centre (SSC) client was in the process of migrating a stand-alone Accounts Payable function to the SSC. Artesium was tasked with performing an accounts payable audit of the data through to close-down of the AP system and liaising with the SSC to process recoveries through the SSC after go-live date. This involved communicating appropriately with suppliers and working closely with the SSC to process recoveries through the SSC’s ERP system.

The SSC received a comprehensive recovery audit of the accounts payable data at the remote location together with a full data trail in the ERP system of all recoveries, complete with archived supporting documentation.